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Michael Teren


Michael is the Physiotherapist/Exercise Physiologist who founded The Physiotheory Clinic. He enjoys working in the health industry, helping others with muscular, neural, joint related, or physiological health issues that many face. He started by studying a Bachelor of Applied Science (Exercise Physiology) at the University of Sydney and had found a passion for learning about the human body and the ways exercise can truly help with recovery. He decided to take his studies further and pursue a Masters of Physiotherapy at the University of Sydney, where he spent a large part of his final year studying in hospitals over New South Wales.


He then started his career working in private practice, whilst still casually working in the hospital system. He has now obtained experience in treating both acute and chronic musculoskeletal injuries as well as chronic physiological conditions such as asthma, diabetes, and cardiovascular disorders. He uses this experience to treat a wide range of clients in the comfort of their own home. The fact that he also loves driving, means that traveling all over Sydney exploring this wonderful city is another reason why he loves his job.



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