Frequently asked questions

How do I schedule my appointment and what will I need to organise prior?

Please schedule the appointment by calling 0404 359 071 or email us on or use the contact form on our website. After the appointment has been scheduled, we just require you have a space allocated in your home where we can set up the treatment table. Please also have any referrals, scans (x-rays, CT, MRI or bone scans) and reports ready.

What do I expect to happen during our consultation?

Your physiotherapist/exercise physiologist will sit down with you and discuss what you have been experiencing in order to better understand your problem, along with discussing your goals and expected outcomes from the sessions. They will then assess you and discuss what they have found. From here the necessary treatment will be provided.

Appropriate exercises will be prescribed and your physiotherapist can inform you on how many treatments you may require and how long it should take for you to reach your goals.

How do I pay for the service?

You can pay by either cash or Eftpos; credit or debit using our portable Eftpos machine. No cheques or bank transfers are allowed. Private health funds will be claimed on the spot using the portable HiCaps terminal.

An invoice will then be sent to your nominated email address within 3 working days.

What should I wear for the appointment?

For a thorough assessment and treatment it is ideal for your physiotherapist/exercise physiologist to observe the area of concern. Therefore it is advised that for lower back and lower limb injuries that shorts are to be worn. For neck and upper limb injuries a singlet top is recommended. If you have any concerns with this please do not hesitate to discuss any issues with your physiotherapist/exercise physiologist.

How do I claim through my health fund?

For private health funds we can claim on the spot using our portable HiCaps terminal. For Medicare claims, provided we can plug our portable HICAPS machine into your phone line (you will not be charged a phone call) we can simply claim for you on the spot.

What are the benefits of recieving mobile health services?

- Guaranteed treatment by an experienced physiotherapist/exercise physiologist
- A service that makes life convenient, especially for post-operative patients, those less mobile (such as the elderly or neurological patients), and the many with busy schedules and limited time
- A more thorough assessment and treatment with guaranteed one-on-one treatment for your entire session
- Minimum 30 min appointments (60mins for intials)
- No waiting times or traffic hassles (leave that to us!)
- Treating younger patient’s in the comfort of their home and the bonus of no babysitting arrangements required for siblings
- Assessment in the home environment enabling accurate identification of postural/ergonomic contributions to patients symptoms
- Exercises prescribed in the home environment to assist with compliance
- Competitive pricing whilst providing the convenience of us coming to you