Frequently asked questions (Telehealth)

How will I know if my injury is suitable for a telehealth consult?

We will send you a form to complete prior to your telehealth consultation with the physiotherapist, allowing you the opportunity to give us as much information as possible. It will also serve as a suitability assessment for telehealth. A staff member from The Physiotheory Clinic will then be in contact with you after receiving the completed form to inform you whether you are suitable for the telehealth services. If the physiotherapist decides that your injury or situation is not suitable for a telehealth consult, we will let you know and you will not be charged for the consultation. If you are unsure of whether your injury is suitable or not, then give us a call or send an email and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

How will a physiotherapist diagnose or treat me via video conference or telephone?

In-clinic sessions with a physiotherapist generally does include a “hands-on” approach to treatment and diagnosis. However, telehealth offers vulnerable clients or clients in isolation the opportunity to access physiotherapist services in the comfort of their own home. All appointments at The Physiotheory Clinic start with a subjective assessment where the physiotherapist will ask you a range of questions regarding your condition or injury. This will give the physiotherapist a possible diagnosis of your condition or injury, the physiotherapist may then perform a series of tests to confirm this diagnosis. As part of your telehealth consultation, we will be able to provide education on issues that may assist or alleviate your condition or injury as well as provide a structured exercise program that can be accomplished at home. We will also provide you with information sheets, exercise videos and descriptions that can be accessed on your phone or computer. We are always happy to answer questions or concerns via phone or email prior to or after your telehealth consultation with the physiotherapist.

Do I need a referral from my GP for telehealth services?

Clients who are accessing telehealth services and are eligible to claim under the new Medicare COVID bulk billed items are required to provide a referral (Chronic Disease Management form) from their general practitioner. This form is required to be provided via email to the staff at The Physiotheory Clinic prior to your telehealth consult with a physiotherapist. Patients wishing to access telehealth services and pay out-of-pocket do not need to provide a referral from your general practitioner.

Why did I not receive an email from The Physiotheory Clinic with an access code for PhysiApp?

There may be a time delay in which the email will be received by you depending on internet connection and speed. If in doubt, also please check your junk mail for an email from Michael Teren (physiotherapist). If you have any questions prior to your consultation or are having issues with the PhysiApp, please give us a call and we will try to assist in solving the problem or re-book the consultation on another day. Alternatively, we can accommodate by providing the service over your landline or mobile phone service.

How do I pay for a session?

Telehealth consultations that are bulk-billed are covered under Medicare and there is no gap. For clients paying out-of-pocket, our staff will contact you to arrange payment of the telehealth services after your telehealth consultation. A receipt will then be emailed to you after receiving confirmation of payment. Clients with private health funds are encouraged to contact their private health insurer to see if they are able to claim physiotherapy telehealth services.

How do I use PhysiApp?

We have put together a quick guide on how to set up your teleconference with the physiotherapist and how to navigate the app. Please see the file below for further information.