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At Home with MY AGED CARE

Here at the Physiotheory Clinic, we deal predominantly with Home Care patients. We provide at home physiotherapy services to suit a whole range of needs and provide physical assessments to those that need it. Working with My Aged Care patients allows us to aid those that need it most and help keep our aging population happy and confident within their own homes. This post will detail exactly what is the My Aged Care scheme run by the Australian Government, and how it is accessed.

"As you get older, living independently in your own home can become more difficult. If you’re finding it harder to do the things you used to, you can ask for some help at home." - www.myagedcare.gov.au

Help at home is readily available to those who need it within Australia. The Australian government runs the My Aged Care Service for those that are struggling to live independently due to age or illness. Jumping on a My Aged Care plan gives you access to government funded care. These services include; Meals and other food services, Personal Care, Nursing care, Allied health & Therapy services and Specialised support services. All these ways are aimed at improving quality of life and confidence at home. 

My Aged Care offer 4 levels of financial cover. Each level of cover is determined by how much care you or your family member may require. Access to the levels is not determined by current wealth. To access this care, a face-to-face assessment is needed which can be applied for through the myagedcare.gov.au website. The criteria of which can be found on the website, however I have found that if you are over 65 and experiencing difficulty with average daily tasks, an approval is not far away. Once assessed you will receive commonwealth support or a home care package, granting you access to care services you require. Services are acquired through a service provider, who will show you all the care options available to you within your area. It is also possible to manage these services for yourself or for a relative. It is possible to managed the Home care packages for a relative, should they be unable to do it themselves.

Now is the part where I can talk about the Physiotheory Clinic. We work with providers and clients to provide at home physio assessments and care for our patients. It is important to us to aid in government programs such as My Aged Care. If the government can see its high use and effectiveness, it allows the program to grow and more individuals to receive the support they truly need. 

Our at home physiotherapy services can ensure that you or your loved one stays independent in the comfort of their own home. We may provide a tailored exercise program to ensure they maintain their independence, and improve their strength and balance to reduce their risk of falls. A highs falls risk is a strong indicator for requiring high care needs in the near future, where exercise and balance training is able to help reduce that risk.

We are also able to provide pain management relief for musculoskeletal conditions such as sprains, strains, arthritis, and neural conditons using hands on treatment techniques. These hands on techniques can include soft tissue massage or joint mobilisation to help reduce the stress placed on various muscles and joints. Having a reduction in pain will functional daily activities in and around the home, such as showering, eating and toileting.

Make sure your loved ones are confident and safe in their homes using a qualified allied health professional through their home care pacakges or Commonwealth supported funding.

For further information feel free to speak to our lovely staff at The Physiotheory Clinic.

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